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Dare to be different...

It is absolutely important to never compare yourself to others. You may be different and that's okay. You may not fit in, that's okay too. Whatever your personality is, make no apologies for being who you are supposed to be. Be the best version of yourself. Be relentless in living your life out loud. Be bold.. Be confident.. Be willing to stand alone if you have to!

God made each of us with unique qualities. We were never meant to become replicas of each other. If you desire to become more of your authentic self, pray this...

Dear Lord, please forgive me for believing the lie of rejection and low self-esteem. I forgive myself for not living authentically. Open my eyes to see my true self worth. I welcome you to pour out your love in me. Let me begin the process of healing and transformation. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen



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